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Welcome To The World Of Sarala Wood Industries

Sarala Wood Industries has a heritage of carving out exquisite wooden furniture ever since its inception in 1986. The name “Sarala” evokes confidence for its quintessential and customized designs. It takes craftsmanship and a deep-sense of customer-orientation to excel in as intricate a trade as designer-wood marketing; we, at Sarala Wood Industries, are proud to have perfected the art of custom-made designer wooden furniture that symbolizes quality & splendor. True to the fine art of heritage wood carving, Sarala has excelled in recreating the magic of ethnic beauty on pedigree wooden landscape. For decades, we have been serving our customers with unmatched designs & quality. All along, we have also tried to improve our designs with evolving tastes of our esteemed customers. As a result, Sarala has become synonymous with imperial designs & quality.