Sarala Wooden Doors & Windows

Sarala Wood Industry’s wooden doors and window frames are inspired by the fact that wooden doors & windows have an inherent grace and allure to perceptive minds. Most of our designs are imbibed from ancient architecture and heritage collection so that you get to replicate the same visual appeal around you. Sarala doors and windows are designed gracefully, carved meticulously and fitted in a way to generate a majestic appeal. It is so important because the doors and windows the first objects that visitors come across either at prominent buildings, heritage houses, hotels, theme restaurants, or places of religious worships, etc. With Sarala’s custom-made designs, you have an opportunity to create the right impression in visitors’ minds and make your style statement known to all.

Sarala wooden doors and windows come in different types of woods, ranging from shisham, teak, mango, meranti, and in the types that you personally choose.


Sarala Wooden Wardrobes

Bedrooms and wardrobes emanate unique personality traits; Sarala brand of bedroom and wardrobe designs are ingeniously crafted to endorse your exclusive tastes. Every detail is given due importance. When it comes to designing your bedroom and wardrobes, Sarala brand of wardrobes are known to be quite spacious, elegant and easy to install. As you can see, each wardrobe is fitted multiple sections to allow you to stack in your favorite things separately: one compartment is deserved for your cosmetics, the other can take care of your bags; the upper section is generally reserved for formal outfits while as the lower one can accommodate your casual dress materials.

Sarala brand of wooden wardrobes look best, as they are polished exquisitely. Therefore, when you choose our custom-made wooden wardrobes, you own charming objects that adorn your most intimate place.


Sarala’s custom-made home & office furniture

Sarala Wood Industry is also known for custom-manufacturing the most befitting furniture for your homes and offices. Notwithstanding the fact that our products tend to be highly futuristic, our clients can avail them at an affordable budget without having to compromise either on design or quality.

When you choose to avail your home and office furniture from us, you get the guarantee of

  • Significant savings as compared to buying anywhere
  • Numerous varieties, from which you can select the ones that best suit your needs and budget.
  • Prompt delivery without any delay or scratch to your ordered furniture.


Sarala’s Modular Kitchen

Sarala brand of modular furniture are designed to offer the ease of installation as well as allow you to save space inside your kitchens. It is hard to resist from appreciating the manner in which your modular kitchen furniture objects are designed: First, you will notice the ingenuity in the layout that optimally utilizes space; second, you get to have smooth, stylish and attractive designs that smear your kitchen with visual delight.

Sarala brand of modular kitchen furniture come in various models, are designed quite attractively and built from pedigree wood. You also have the option of selecting your own wooden material and the designs that best depict your kitchen. Therefore, when you opt to get your kitchen decorated with our modular designs, you invariably are gifted with elegant quality & décor.